hacking The Princess and the devil
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    Hacked The Princess and the devil android, ios

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    • refining stone — lkUerc;

    • free roulette — Ii98yr;

    • gold coins — grt3ew;

    • strength stone — kjiu6t;

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    • diamonds gem — fedscf;

    • unlimited energy — Sf6uyq;

    • blitz coupon — Knde3w.

    The Princess and the devil android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to the moon and star land, the love adventure is about to start, are you ready? Beautiful girl, welcome to the Newmoon city! I am glad that you join us. Your beauty is amazing. Now monsters are everywhere and the princess is disappeared, we need your help. With your abilities you should be able to help angel. But you have to be careful, some monsters are really powerful, they have defeated a lot of adventurers.
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    Welcome game The Princess and the devil! Swordsman – fast attackers with better damage output, powerful juggling ability! Mage – only female role, cute and powerful. Who doesn't want to be her? Assassin – out duel any opponent at both mid and close range. Master impressive skills.

    Remember to equip yourself and upgrade your items properly, you are capable than so much more than you think! Rank 26 and above equipment can be verified multiple times. Upgrade skill – it will make your skills stronger. Level up will increase additional damage., including ignore defense. Only orange and above equipment can be verified. 22 rank orange equip can have 4 excellent properties. Rank 26 orange equipment can have 5 excellent properties at most.

    Secrets cheat gameplay The Princess and the devil android bug codes: rank 22 equipment can only be verified once. When binding diamonds are not enough, diamonds will be used directly. Use rocker to control your movement. Breakthrough within 18:00 can receive 3 stars, 3 stars breakthrough has 3 times of draws. Equipment reinforcement blessing will be clear up at 0:00 every day. The player send the most flowers every week will receive 'lover' title.

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