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    Endgods android, ios hack codes

    The endless war had been set in motion once again. The seal that once locked the conflicting forces of heaven and hell away was suddenly broken. Both forces poured out from the portals into the realm of the living engagig in battles that would lose them ground as quickly as they gained.

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    Welcome game Endgods! The stalemate had begun taking its toll on both sides. Little progress had been made despite countless battles. There was also no telling when the portals might close if nothing was done soon. The gods needed a new kind of champion, one that would tip the scales in their favour. Choose your champion, fate is about to change.

    Red is your health. You will lose when it is depleted. Blue is your mana. Heroes Endgods cost mana but it will regenerate. Each characters has a special ability. Hercules can punch through enemies heroes, dealing heavy damage! Victory is yours when your enemy's health reaches zero.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Endgods android bug codes: in trouble? You have a secret weapon! Your heroes can perform a devastating combo! Use it to turn the tide of battle! A combo is a very powerful ability. Crystals are highly valuable! They are natural energy source of this world. Fogged areas will be cleared as you progress! You gain experience for every stage Endgods you complete! Experience raises your champion level. As your champion levels up, more heroes will join your cause! If your champion level is not high enough to get a certain hero the option to buy them using crystals is always available.
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