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    Minimon Masters android, ios hack codes

    Here is the realm of Naciria, what used to be home to the peaceful Minimon. When the great unified kingdom of Arian collapsed after the first black magic war, the continent into five separate regions. Even though everything around them had changed, the people accepted their new world and tried to live peacefully. And so they did, until the Demon king passon awakened and slowly brought darkness upon all of Naciria.

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    Welcome game Minimon Masters! Naciria, which had just barely recovered from the aftermath of the war, now found itself on the brink of total destruction. The people of Narcia longed for a hero who could face the demon king saving them from his terror. Then one day, a young boy would fall from heaven, destined to become heaven's envoy....
    Hidden expert Myomyo – what are you doing? Behave like a problem solver! Myomyo is the best problem solver of Talrima with his fast movement and situational judgment.
    Beginner Lucky Minimon Masters – a boy, who's come from another dimension to save his childhood friend Lu. He was chosen by Nirasil the tree of life in the world of Naciria and received a warrior's strength. After meeting and speaking with Pudding and Mr. Bull who happened to be passing by, they decided to save the world from the demon king and achieve their goals and they accepted him as a fellow adventurer.
    Young witch pudding – the adopted daughter of the white witch, who works for the tree of life, Nirasil. She's a talented young witch who was watching over the village when her mother was hurt. While on guard, she saw lucky receiving a mysterious power and decided to accompany him as an advisor. Pudding also has to defeat the demon in order to save her mother.
    Berserker Minimon Masters Mr. Bull – a naive Bull man who was living a new life in a new dimension. He thinks he's able to walk on two feet and talk thanks to black magic, so he blindly follows the demon king passon. As Pudding was yelling at him for destroying things and causing trouble around Pudding's village, lucky happened to appear so he joined his group.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Minimon Masters = android bug codes: look at adventure gate – you can get in by touching it. At the team info, we can see the team we have set up. You may need to use a different team to fight depending on the stage, so just adjust them as you need them. Right now, you may only have one Hero, but as you continue on your adventure you'll get lots of reliable friends. At the buff store, you can gain the strength that may be helpful for clearing levels. When your adventure is difficult, try to buy and use items needed. When you feel too overwhelmed to fight alone, you can call your friends. They will fight on your behalf when you are worn off.

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