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    Hacked Crazy Zombies android, ios

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    Crazy Zombies android, ios hack codes

    During the year 2024 a zombie virus burst. Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and other major cities fell in succession. You, the commander are responsible for saving the surviving humans.

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    Welcome game Crazy Zombies! We are from the survivor league, coming on the mission to search and rescue survivors on the Earth. They are all survivors with superior skills, coming with us to save more people. Tap the glowing avatar to cast skills and deal damage. You can give orders in the headquarter of the league. You can recruit more heroes to fight in the recruit system. The nurse can become a consistent source of HP for heroes on the rear line. When a battle is over, the commander and participating heroes will gain XP! Don't forget to upgrade heroes Crazy Zombies their power and attributes. Heroes can be upgraded when there are sufficient materials. Tap material to use the items in stock.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Crazy Zombies android bug codes: don't forget that equipment can be enhanced. There are two ways to recruit: items and gem. We must arrange the heroes wisely so their power won't be wasted. The formation will decide the participating heroes and their locations. A good formation can greatly increase a team's damage. Tap a hero's avatar to check his info. Tap “confirm” to send the hero to the formation. You can take the helicopter to save time. Upgrading is an easy way to increase the heroes' power!

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