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    Hacked Blade Waltz android, ios

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    Blade Waltz android, ios hack codes

    Elysium, a land overflowing with blessings. It was a place where Elems, a race of gods, Vellfores, an evil race, and Humans, a frail race, lived together. Luan, the leader of the Elems, deeply loved the feeble humans, who were similar in likeness. Her love for the humans led her to share the power of the gods, the metaforce, with them. Wanting the metaforce for himself, Lupinus, the leader of the Vellfores, called upon all of his followers and led a revolt against Luan. Unable to watch the continued plight of the fragile Humans, the Elems conceded defeat to stop the slaughter and left Elysium.

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    Welcome game Blade Waltz! Meanwhile, Lupinus wanted to learn how to use the Metaforce so he persuaded an Elder to help him. Once their secret alliance was made, Lupinus was given the power of the metaforce. Realizing that the Elders were only using a fraction of its true power., he began rounding up the Half Elems, Elem/ human halflings who can wield the metaforce, to use as test subjects and unlock its power. The harsh experiments polluted the land and tore Elysium apart. Unknown monsters Blade Waltz received the tainted metaforce, and they seized the land. Now Lupinus is taking steps to hold a ritual to forever rule over Elysium with his dark power...
    Gordon Blade Waltz – lost his mother at a young age, but Luan, an ancient elem, adopted him for her own. After the Elems left, they lived quietly in secret until she learned that Lupinus was looking for her to take the metaforce for himself.
    Ellie – she was once an Elem, but chose to live her life as a human. Her memories were erased due to a conflict with Luan, an Ancient Elem. Although she was content with her life as a bounty hunter, when the monsters arose.
    Starfell – he was born of an Elem god and a human woman. Starfell came home one day to find his parents dying after they had been ambushed by Lupins, the leader of the Vellfores.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Blade Waltz android bug codes: use combo points for ally summon. Vitality consumption varies per character's level and combo type. Fill the ally summon gauge using combo attacks! An ally on standby will help you fight! Tap the red button to attack! The finish skill instantly kills regular monsters and inflicts major damage on bosses. It activates based on a set chance that can be increased through item attributes. Each character has 6 combos. The inflicted damage and additional effects vary per combo so they should be used strategically.
    Bracelets and rings Blade Waltz greatly increase attack while necklaces increase defense. Also, accessories are not act-bound. If you're finding adventure mode difficult, try the special/challenge modes!

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