hacking battle of fates
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    Hacked battle of fates android, ios

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    battle of fates android, ios hack codes

    Master! Welcome to land of Mobiya continent; Collision ahead. Let's watch and learn by. Blue team on your left hand is leaded by Heracles, and the red team on your right hand – has Pendragon as capton. It must be tight! We are on the north of Mobiy continent, which is the so-called savage; we can get familiar with the surroundings.

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    Welcome game battle of fates! When hero mana bar is full, then choose hero portrait; the key is the action right. When choose hero, you will get 99 seconds for thinking. You can command the chosen hero freely move within range. At this moment you can go to next; be attention, system is default prior! Standby consume half of the action power. After player chose target, release skill or attack to target. We can also select target by click or slide.

    Secrets cheat gameplay battle of fates android bug codes: temple challenge is a place you have limited opportunities for precious resources. Different zone has attribute addition to heroes. Trial ground is full of coins, experience, gems and skill books. Full star victory can promise you extra diamonds. Every battlefield has various rules, learn about it could save your time for success.
    Before starting a battle, you can array heroes battle of fates in right positions, it will have a strong effect on your later strategy implementation. With every victory, you will gain different resource materials. From hero page you can check all heroes that you have gained or not and check and operate your heroes. Reinforcing and composing your hero equipment are important to rise the power of your heroes. Reinforcing your hero battle of fates equipment only costs coins. Grid can promote equipment level. The higher the stronger. We can also consume material and few coins to compose and enhance the level of equipment. You can earn Dan grading, T-chests and glory points in battle of glory. You can buy anything in goblin store for a certain cost. See, a goblin merchant, it is said that they sell treasure chest to adventurers. Open it, you may get amazing stuff. It only takes us resource to get good stuff from Goblin merchants, even ancient super hero.
    We have marked goblin merchant battle of fates, remember to have a frequent visit. You will have chance to buy a chest for free at a special time per day. Influenced by Sands of time, some passes may have urgent countdown. When it comes to zero, you will fail.

    how to enter hack cheats battle of fates.

  • how and where enter
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