hacking Alliance Heroes of the Spire
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    Hacked Alliance Heroes of the Spire android, ios

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    Alliance Heroes of the Spire android, ios hack codes

    Hi boss! I'm cheat-on, your new assistant. I'm happy to join new adventure company! First things first – we've got to pass the combat trials. Every hero has an element: fire, water, nature, order, or chaos. Arrow shows if your element is strong (green), weak (red) or neutral (yellow) against your enemy.

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    Welcome game Alliance Heroes of the Spire! Our job is to check out the Aetheria ruins. It'll be dangerous, but think of the loot. When yellow bar (speed bar) fill up, the character can take a turn.
    Leader skill: whenever the paladin kills an enemy grant all allies a speed buff and a power buff for 2 turns. Roland has a leader ability. He can use it because he's in the first slot.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Alliance Heroes of the Spire android bug codes: we can strengthen heroes using fusion. Fusion can level up heroes and even evolve them to higher stars. Equip multiple items in a set to get set bonuses! Set bonuses let you boost specific stats and even get special abilities. Our world has been unstable since the cataclysm. Floating islands full of loot appear every day! Send heroes to explore them before they disappear!

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