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    monster roller android, ios hack codes

    The goal is to knock the enemy out by bringing their HP down to zero. They'll try to knock me out, too. Your job is to keep me alive! As a roller, you can do several things to help ensure your team wins. Monsters like Fernadon can heal or cast shields. To select a healer's unique ability, first tap on its mode button. Or you can try switching out two monsters if you don't want to use Fernadon.

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    Welcome game monster roller! Magmus is a powerful fighter, but its low hp makes it easy to pick off. Pair with healers or protectors for best results! Tap on a monster to single it out. We'll all attack this Magmus. It's a red type, which is weak to blue types like me. Elements are a big deal. Some monsters, like Zenzird or Nattylus, are modifiers. They can be used to create plays – powerful pairings of abilities. Modifiers apply these buffs usually to the monster next in line, so make sure your team is ordered correctly. Set nattylus's ability mode to 2 – and don't try to stop the reel for this turn.
    Secrets cheat gameplay monster roller android bug codes: you can stop the roller by tapping on the reels. Tapping a monster's portrait shows information about that monster. Tap on any two monster portraits to switch the monsters. You can reader your front line as well. Evolved monsters appear once your baby monsters hit level 15. You can tap on the avatars to hold their value. Once held, their reels will not be affected by future rolls. Apply bonus points to a monster's hp, attack, or healing value.
    You can hatch an egg monster roller any time, or let them incubate for longer. Incubating them longer increases the chance of hatching a rare egg. You can play against other players in the Arena or go on a solo adventure. In team menu you can build additional teams. You have some new monsters. When building a team, check for optimal modifier pairing. Plumavis's duration modifier abilities do not work on abilities with no duration (like attacks).

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