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    king's command android, ios hack codes

    Chaos descends upon the world. In the north, an omen in the form of a prism of light signaled the succession of the new king of Vineheart. This new king, Victor, would come to be known as the iron hand. World of Victor's ambitions to conquer the continent spread swiftly and many skilled warriors would come to serve under his banner. In response to Victor's claim, many kingdoms and factions took up arms to strike him. This was the beginning of the Great war. This application contains elements available for additional charges. You can play the main part of the game through to the end, however, without making any additional purchases. For additional charges, you can purchase useful items.

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    Welcome game king's command! The people of the land are uneasy from the continuing battles. A king should tend to the of the hearts of his subjects. I shall travel in disguise and observe their real lives. Select a commander you wish to move. To deselect a commander, touch the portrait which the arrow points at. I will teach you how to use attack move. By using attack move, you will target all enemies along the way without missing them. Make good use of the attack move function as enemies can appear unexpectedly.

    Secrets cheat gameplay king's command android bug codes: commanders have unique spells that can be used during battle. When the construction of a residence is completed, farmers will harvest the wheat automatically. Although farmers can't be controlled, you won't have to worry about them as they can't be attacked by the enemy. They will disappear automatically when there is no wheat to harvest. Framers work to acquire resources. Select the place to train commanders. You need well trained troops as well as commanders in battle. To train troops, build a barracks. Your new troops will be assigned to commanders automatically. Each commander king's command can have up to 5 troops under their control. If you wish to train troops easily, touch the auto production button. After touching this button, troops are trained automatically. This is an easy way to train troops, so remember it.

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