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    At the time of the "chromatic war" which put the whole world on the brink of collapse, an expeditionary force of heroes came together confront Chromatic dragon's army valiantly fighting against the dragon and his formidable army. The heroes triumphed over the Chromatic dragon and saved the world.

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    Nonetheless, no one but a warrior called Solace managed to return alive. Upon return from the battlefield, Solace was revered as a great hero and crowned as a king. Even after the war was over, he went on to drive out the orcs which has inflicted much suffering on humans back across the sea. Ten years have passed since then... In response to a rumor that the Orcs are planning an attack on humans, the King solace ordered loyal and brave members to reconnoiter the enemy territory.

    Critical and multistrike rate is calculated by dividing the value by 100. (500=5%) SP is short for Spell Power.
    If you do not have a strong friend, take a look at a friend's friend list.
    Enemies Chromatic Souls select targets based on the stats and the amount of damage inflicted. Monsters are paying attention to this target. This character has a high chance of becoming the enemy target if he or she makes any moves.
    The equipment background color on Chromatic Souls indicates the rarity of the equipment.

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    • CNkajz - recovers all MP ;
    • tfP3Qy - cheats: exp;
    • FCHCFy - skill scroll;

    • byVccQ - material, enhance scroll;
    • 2IpBeQ - FP;
    • BQOmiT - rarity equipment;
    • 9SpNTH - hacks Chromatic Souls: gems;
    • HILJYm - skills not cooldown;
    • NGMPSs - cheats for gold;
    • KewuYY - level up;
    • 1r11Hs - cheats Chromatic Souls: unlock all characters;

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