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    Hacked Paradise War android, ios

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    Paradise War android, ios hack codes

    Your highness! Thank God you're fine, I didn't think Glair's rebellious armires are already here. The knight leader Glair has betrayed us, he is attacking the city of Yongue with the dragons! Your highness, I will protect you, follow me! It is a critical time for us Elves, I give you the holy instrument of fire. You are strong enough and able to protect yourself now, use the holy instrument of fire and go forth!

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    Welcome game Paradise War! Your highness, the awakening powers are special magic that can be used by holders of the holy instruments. I'm afraid only having the holy instrument of fire is not enough to control these powers, to defeat Glair, we need to find the other holy instruments. Use skill flame storm to kill nearby enemies. Use scorched land line under enemies' feet.
    Attacking restores mana. If you want to roll to avoid attacks or use skills, then keep the attacks coming. Double click the earth to roll and dodge.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Paradise War android bug codes: auto attack when close to the enemy. Although a 'hairdresser' can change your hair style, in this world your look is more important. The primary and secondary weapon stats are added together, so you can switch freely. The primary weapon hits monsters, the secondary weapon people. Finish adventure quests to get star rewards. Be sure to join a guild! Be sure to join a guild! Be sure to join a guild. Salvage purple and gold gear to get courage mark. Enhance gears for better stats.

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