hacking LINE Wind Soul
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    Hacked LINE Wind Soul android, ios

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    LINE Wind Soul android, ios hack codes

    Greetings! Welcome to our world! Let's learn about summon beasts. First, select the summon beasts to power up. Next we need to select the power up material. You can evolve maximum level summon beasts only. Various materials are required to evolve characters. You must defeat all enemies displayed on your mini map to clear the round.

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    Welcome game LINE Wind Soul ! These little guys are called Poms! There are different Poms for each element. Combining Poms will get you cartloads more experience compared to other Beasts. Your friend's heroes will display a star and start to shine after a certain amount of time has passed. Once this happens, you can tap your friend's summon beast to activate its skill. Make sure to give this a try soon!

    Secrets cheat gameplay LINE Wind Soul android bug codes: seal is opened at level 60. Equip gold gear to activate seal attribute of the part. Clear all the story stages for the first time and get rubies. Big chance to win fabulous rewards just for playing! Clear all of act 2 on normal mode to unlick Kylie and get 100k gold. Invite friends and get awesome items! You can exchange 100 rune stones for a master rune stones of the same type. You can also get summon beasts called Poms, and runestones, needed for power ups and evolving from event dungeons! Oh, there are gold dungeons too!

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