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    Hacked Lord of Heroes android, ios

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    Lord of Heroes android, ios hack codes

    You've finally arrived! Welcome to the floating island front lines. How was your journey? To oppose the Scourge Legion's fortress, our mages created this floating land. The scourge legion are constantly out to destroy the floating island. Our situation is dire. We can now summon more heroes to strengthen floating island's forces and prepare for the coming battles.

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    Welcome game Lord of Heroes!Swordsman – front supporter who can stun front line enemies and boost the power of surrounding allies. Tiger – ranged attacker who can boost your troops' attack and defense to deal massive physical damage.
    Place ranged heroes towards the back. They'll use magic to attack the enemy from a distance. View the power stats at the top of the screen to compare your total strength with your enemy's. And if you want a closer look, you can drag to move the view or rotate two fingers to change the angle.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Lord of Heroes android bug codes: during battle, a hero's portrait will light up when their energy is full. At this time, tap the portrait to cast hero skills. Activate pacifist mode to avoid being plundered by other players. The summon shrine can be used to summon powerful allies. Tap the auto deploy button on the right to create a formation quickly. You can evolve your equipment by inlaying with gems. Evolved equipment is much more powerful in battle. Equipment must be fully inlayed with gems to evolve. Evolving equipments is a fast way to improve the power of heroes.

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