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    Order of Champions android, ios hack codes

    For decades the forces of Darkness have laid waste to the world, dominating its peoples.

    The Dark Army may have shattered the walls of Findias, but it was commanders like you who allowed it to happen. Maybe I should take your place? I have more strength in my right arm than you have in all your Champions combined. If you can't best me, you've no hope outside the walls.

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    Welcome game Order of Champions! Mojo - You can hear Mojo's shrill laughter as he weaves the fabric of magic itself to bolster allies and curse enemies. Hadar - He probably should have read those side
    effect labels more carefully. Rumbeard - Rum is apparently great for keeping dwarven beards lustrous, even in the harshest of conditions. Rettke - Banished for his use of forbidden magics, Rettke wanders the land seeking powerful artifacts to enhance his craft.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Order of Champions android bug codes: return home to equip your champion. Some abilities have cooldowns. Use your other abilities while you wait for them to recharge. Experience – used to enhance your champions. Common market - receive random common equipment, champion, or stone. Equipment – receive random premium equipment!

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