Infinity Ark War
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    Captain, we have arrived on the planet surface. Now checking Ark status, here... doesn't fell safe. We need to restore combat readiness as soon as humanly possible! The Ark is a go! Everyone is hungry, so please remedy the food situation. This is our first step to dominating this planet!

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    You can use world map to find resources to utilize and find other players to work with. Killing enemies on the map Infinity - Ark War will give you very nice rewards.
    When resources are insufficient you can ask for resources from the guild members.
    Diner ship - increase food production and storage.
    Bridge - unlock other construction project. The higher the level, the more move points the ark has.
    Recycling station - increase part production and storage.
    Barracks - unlock more soldier types (ranger, lurker, bomber, predator).
    Please remember to upgrade the commander's skills and make them stronger on the battlefield.

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    • d6Z499 - electricity ;
    • 8rTGv7 - cheats: gas;
    • 593riq - cash;

    • rr0V79 - move points;
    • gY1Viy - get gold;
    • HX0swj - shine points;
    • 5h98TI - hacks Infinity Ark War: reputation;
    • mifTQ4 - medal;
    • QOB3ec - cheats for increase leadership;
    • TfchNU - En;
    • tVhr4J - cheats Infinity Ark War: heal injured soldiers;
    • ldkWTz - upgrade all commander's skills;

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