hacking Guild of honor
  • Cheats, hack Guild of honor: gold coins, fstamina energy, arena rank, soulstonesm power stone, rubies. Hacked game Guild of honor bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Guild of honor android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • arena rank — koi98i;

    • rubies — opiNww;

    • power stones — oiu8it;

    • gold coins — uyt65r;

    • evolve, enhanced hero — nbng4z;

    • soulstones — Knde3w.

    Guild of honor android, ios hack codes

    Your majesty! The legion of darkness is attacking all over the valos continent! They are stronger than we imagined. I am an archangel of light, cheat-on. I have awakened to save the world from swarming darkness. Mo re dangers are coming upon the Valos. I sensed Dark legion heading to the north, where the ancient ruins remain we better keep our eyes on them. Your journey to find the guardians begins now. It's my honor to guide you, warrior of light.

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    Welcome game Guild of honor! Knight - A brave knight who fights for his empire and mankind. Armed with armor and shield, the frontline brawler. Mage - A mage who employs the mystical spells to fight evil. She's specialized in attacking and weakening spells.
    Unit Kylon, while boasting superior physical defense, is vulnerable to magic attacks. Be careful not to let him be surrounded by magic type enemies. And Elle is a ranged unit boasting superior ranged physical attack. She shoots arrows at enemies from the rear , helping melee units to finish enemies quickly. Archemist is an expert swordsman specialized in physical attacks. He takes the lead of his unit, fighting enemies face to face. Recruit the physical attack expert archemist for your unit, and you can break through enemy lines more quickly. These three units will follow you attack and defend for you.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Guild of honor android bug codes: Collect Soulstones and recruit Guardians! You can get soulstones by defeating the boss monster of each chapter in the adventure mode. With soulstones, you can recruit powerful guardians for your unit. If you conquor 1 area, you may go back to the area anytime you want. Eliminate a wave of enemies at once with units that have area-effective skills. Before you enter a dungeon, use gold and buy useful items for your units. Your units will fight more easily and more effectively. Enhance your units for greater powers! Enhancing units requires power stones of the same property and gold. Enhancement levels are retained even after the units are evolved.
    Each time you drive the forces of darkness out of adventure guild of honor dungeon, your hero and units will reach a new level automatically. Form a unit with powerful characters, and your battle against the forces of darkness will be easier.

    how to enter hack cheats Guild of honor .

  • how and where enter
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