hacking Dragon Raja M
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    Hacked Dragon Raja M android, ios

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    Dragon Raja M android, ios hack codes

    A story of one hero with a fascinating scenario new android game with the outstanding graphic and the superb combat action. Now, it is the time for you to become the hero and take a journey with your members into the world. And when your Heroes reach a new level, they will be able to use better equipment and skills. You don't need ingredients to level up equipment. Gold is all you need. If you have enough money, tap the Level Up button to keep your equipment in the best condition possible.

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    Welcome game Dragon Raja M! Tap the bottom left control buttons to move along the arrow showing on the ground. Tap the attack button to attack. Use skills to deal more damage to enemies. You can use evade to avoid enemy attacks when you are in a pinch. Tap the portrait in the top left corner to switch with friends. Select the Hero menu. Here, you can see all kinds of information on Heroes. Here, you can check information on your current members, and ones who haven't joined your party yet.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dragon Raja M android bug codes: gather materials to upgrade equipments. Select your party member in the battle preparation screen and tap the enter button when you're ready. Collect hero pieces to get a new hero. Upgrading equipment is a good way to become stronger. Ingredients that you gather during your adventure can be used to upgrade the performance of your equipment. Tap the equipment with the red circle to go to the Upgrade
    equipment tab. To upgrade a piece of equipment, you need some ingredients and Gold. you upgrade all your equipment, you can advance to the next level. So, remember to upgrade your equipment whenever you can.

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