Soda dungeon
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    It is the booming age of courageous adventures and dungeons bursting whith riches! Sadly, you happen to be a coward without a penny to your name, which makes raiding the nearby dungeon somewhat of a challenge... Sitting at the local soda taver, you wonder if there could be a solution.

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    Anotherslow night at the tavern as you ponder your destiny. If only 'others' could be persuaded to do the adventuring for you. Why there appears to be quite the hyper fellow over there, perhaps you should talk to him?
    Apparently the Soda here makes it easy to convince people to do dangerous things for you. Perhaps herein lies a new business model?
    Use the party screen Soda dungeon to view your stats, change party order, remove a member, or change equipment!

    The 'armory' is a very important purchase, it offers items much stronger than what you can find in the first dungeon levels. When it is your character's turn, use the icons at the top to select a skill. Static skills are permament boosts for your character. They are not used in battle.

    Invest in stools and tables Soda dungeon to seat more adventurers! You can hire up to 5 party members for each trip! Increasing your reputation will attract high-profile customers to your establishment.

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