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    Hacked Dragon Warriors Idle android, ios

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    Dragon Warriors Idle android, ios hack codes

    For some unknown reasons the demon was unsealed and started destroying the human world with fear and blaze. The best unit of soldiers lead by General Hannibal starts to fight against the demon force to protect the kingdom...Hero! Please kill the demon and protect the peace of the kingdom. Mages can kill monsters in the air using ranged magics. They sometimes use area magics. They are especially weak against thieves.

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    Welcome game Dragon Warriors Idle! Protect the kingdom's peace. Defeat the demon force. If you are continuously defeated press hero tab and level up your hero. Touch the speed button at the top of the game for the battle at double speed. Earn gold through quests first and invest in leveling up the hero. Earn gold through quests first and invest in leveling up the hero. Thieves with great continuous attacks can attack mages and healers in the back row directly to break the enemy's formation. They are weak against the class with high defensive power.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dragon Warriors Idle android bug codes: crystal – charge with cash or earn as bonus during game. Medal – earn through (return) in stage 51 or up to buy new hero or enhance hero permanently. Gold – earn after performing quest, to invest in hero level up. Touch the treasure chest during the battle. You will many golds and crystals. Touch the speed button at the top the game for the battle at double speed. Treasure chests can give you hero and item based on probability, rare level appears in bonus. Press party button in the hero tab to purchase hero or change the party members. You can earn gold automatically without playing the game through automatic quests.

    Heroes Dragon Warriors Idle and tips:
    Elf archer Lucien – ranged physical damage hero that aims accurately and gives fatal damage, has hiding ability as well. Human mage – single target ice magic hero. Fires a volley of ice bolt and melts down the enemies in an instant. Elf mage Napolde – healer that protects the party. Has the buff to increase the defense power of entire troop.
    If you are return you can enter the dungeon and get materials. Materials are used to make artifacts. Hero's level is fixed at 1 in dungeon and enhancement, evolution and level of artifact are maintained. When you are return gold, quest, hero level are initialize

    Dungeon Dragon Warriors Idle Rules:
    1. Allow reinforcing/evolving of hero but fix level at 1.
    2. Hero's HP is not recovered even when battle is over.
    3. Materials earned as reward are used to buy artifacts.
    4. User skill can be used but only exerts 30% power.
    5. When all heroes die. you can't play anymore until dungeon is initialized.
    6. Dungeon can be initialized once every 4 hours.
    7. You can select Normal level after clearing all Easy levels.

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    1. Artifacts have better function with more stars. But less stars have better efficiency compared to the material.
    2. Higher-level artifacts can be purchased at higher-level stages.
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