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    war village android, ios hack codes

    The beautiful and mysterious continent of Pangea. On this continent blessed by the gods, Europe, Asia, America. The cultures of these civilization were flourishing. However..this peace did not last long. A powerful man named “Anu” appeared and declared war on all of the civilizations of Pangea. Heroes from each civilization fiercely resisted, but all of them lost to Anu.

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    Welcome game war village! Having conquered the continent, Anu ruled as a tyrant and threw the lives of the residents of Pangaea into an abyss of suffering. Right when everyone's desperation had sank to its absolute lowest, an unknown prophet appeared. The prophet wandered around the continent of Pangea, encouraging heroes lost in a sense of defeat, and persuaded them that now is the time for every civilization to put their strength together.
    Having regained their cougare, the heroes formed an alliance and began standing up to Anu once more. Ultimately, after a long and bloody battle, the allied forces infiltrated as far as Anu's fortress...The battle among the advance guards has already begun. We may not match their fighting power, but we'll just have to trust Hwarang.

    Slingshot warrior – archer type units deal 50% more damage and take 50% less damage against magic type units.

    Secrets cheat gameplay war village android bug codes: Equipment can only be worn by heroes, and is divided into a total of 6 grades. Equip your heroes with the strongest equipment possible. Crests can be obtained in a variety of ways. If you're not sure what to do, check the King's Road and Quest tabs. You can get lots of rewards. You just have to defeat all of the enemies within the time limit. You can create noblesse duke by fusing noblesse count and SSS-level units. You need to summon units in order to fight. Touch the icon on the bottom left hand side to summon units. Summoned units will bravely charge to fight the enemy so they don't need any furth er instructions.

    You haven't forgotten about one other important thing war village, right? You will lose if the Time Limit runs out, so be careful. Register the new troops in the Barracks so that they can participate in the next battle. Fire trainer can damage groups of enemies. Still, it's not good to just throw the Fire Trainer into battle. Fire Trainer have low HP so they're at a disadvantage in close combat. It would be good to put some warrior type characters like Ivory hammer warrior in the lead and have the Fire Trainer follow behind. A good balance of troops is the most important thing for effective fighting.

    In order for units war village to get stronger, they need a process of Upgrading and Promotion. Upgrading refers to Fusing the main unit with another material unit in order to boost its level. Promotion refers to fusing together units which have reached level 30 in order to obtain units of a higher grade. Upgrading and Promotion can both be done in the Barrack.

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