hacking Guerrilla Spirits
  • Cheats, hack Guerrilla Spirits:stamina energy, moon crystal, gem, stamina energy, rare spirit, gold summoning shard. Hacked game Guerrilla Spirits bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Guerrilla Spirits android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack gem crystal - nnkoiu7;

    • unlimited stamina energy — koi98i;

    • rare spirit — nbjgjt;

    • gold summoning shard — oiu8it;

    • moon crystal — nbjg8f;

    • spirit shards — nbng4z;

    • increase summoner health — Knde3w.

    Guerrilla Spirits android, ios hack codes

    If they can see Spirits, that means they're Summoners! They can help! Something has come over the other Summoners in the area. It's like they're under control! Long story short: we need you to knock out this Fire Summoner right now! Be careful: your Grass Summoner is particularly vulnerable to Fire Spirits. Touch the ground behind a boulder to keep them behind cover. They won't be able to attack without line-of-sight, but their support ability can make your other Summoners stronger!

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    Welcome game Guerrilla Spirits! Melee characters automatically close in as much as possible every turn until they can strike with Water Spirits. Water Spirits are always powerful against Fire Summoners, if they can get close enough. When you knocked out the Fire Summoner, a swarm of Spider Spirits was seen fleeing the scene. Grass Summoners resist Water Spirits. Keeping your distance will be a better strategy this time. Touch the ground to move away from the Grass Summoner.

    Summoners Guerrilla Spirits: Alfhild the Bold - With enough ale in her system, she leads the charge, inspiring whole armies. Cheveyo Pureheart - High priest of condors, the fear and awe of his followers empowers his animal spirits. Machaira the Scorched - Her tribe has survived Ice Ages, drawing power from prehistoric spirits. Mahdi Flamewielder - Having burnt down every village he has ever called home, he travels now as a grim nomad.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Guerrilla Spirits android bug codes: If you have line-of-sight to your target, you'll be able to attack with Fire Spirits. Melee Water Spirits do extra damage to Fire Summoners. Ranged Fire Spirits do extra damage to Grass Summoners. Sending characters into battle costs Energy. Summoners who survive a battle restore some of that Energy. Try and avoid getting your Summoners knocked out to battle more often! Support Grass Spirits can increase your attack or generate a protective shield. Heroes are at their most powerful when they work as a team. When choosing targets, it's important to consider who is more dangerous. This Water Summoner has a powerful Great White Shark Spirit. When we get duplicate Shards, we can use them to Evolve that Spirit. The higher Level the Spirit, the more powerful it becomes!

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