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    Hacked Lord of Chaos android, ios

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    Lord of Chaos android, ios hack codes

    Daily quests will provide massive daily consumables. You can loot your enemy and get materials to make Pierceons and gear. Two kinds of formations: story and loot. Players can freely combine their generals. You can open gifts through bag system. You can strengthen gear's attributes by enhancement. The main attribute of weapon is attack while military books is magic attack. Helmet can increase health and armor can improve defense. Ornament can increase magic defense. Shoes decide the fighting order of all generals and increase general's speed, which makes it the most important. Gear can be enhanced to the same level of master's.

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    Welcome game Lord of Chaos! Ou Yang - Descendant of the celebrity from the Eastern Han Dynasty, his ancestors got book of history from Ou Yang. 3 generations of his family used to be emperor's teacher. Like to collect ancient blade and armor.
    Granddaughter of the famous hero Zhang Huan of the Eastern Han Dynasty. She enjoys making friends with swordsmen and heroes. Her father Zhang Zhi is known as great cursive writing master. Descendant of Xiongnu's prince. Due to the Xiongnu lineage, his family was persecuted, escPierceed to Qingzhou and renamed after becoming recluse. He has great power to draw a bow and is a good cavalryman. Wei Boyang - Unknown life story. Abandoned by parents in the forest and adopted by Wei Boyang. He lead a wandering life with his adoptive father and learn a lot of knowledge.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Lord of Chaos android bug codes: The higher the star level of the material, the more precious it is. Schemer is a magic exporter who is the main damage maker on the battlefield. Brave general is a physical exporter who is the main damage maker on the battlefield. When you get certain stars from each Pierceter, you can get large amounts of rewards from pierceter reward. Looting enemies is one of the ways to get rare materials. Recasts can change gear's quality and the higher quality it is, the better attribute it has. Tavern draw is the fastest way to get generals.

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