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  • Cheats, hack Sky Commander: gold ingots,bug codes, coupons, construction points, unlimited resources, oil, steel. Hacked game Sky Commander bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Sky Commander android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • bug codes — gfhytt;

    • instant finish — oiu8it;

    • gold coins— nbjg8f. Use gold to instantly complete the training;

    • unlimited resources: oil, steel — nbng4z;

    • construction points — Knde3w.

    Sky Commander android, ios hack codes

    Commander, our carrier was greatly damaged during the battle. Now we have to collect resources to rebuild it. Build a Radar to contact the outside first. The Radar scans the position, scale, motivation and etc of the enemy troops. Upgrading the Radar provides you detailed information of enemy troops. Commander, we can produce resources our own besides getting them from colonies.

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    Welcome game Sky Commander! Upgrade buildings to raise the Construction Points, making your towers more powerful in the battles! Select the tower again to upgrade it. Glue Tower can greatly slow the enemy. Resources stored in the Resource Vault cannot be looted by other players. Oil Refinery generates oil for your war effort. Steel Works generates steel for your war effort. Upgrading them increases the amount they can generate before filling up. Barracks - The place where you train infantries. Upgrading the Barracks unlocks more infantries. Shield facility - Your carrier will catch fire and lose durability once it fails to resist an attack. Commander, you can check CP (Construction Points) before starting the battle. Commander, take a look at the enemy's routes before the battle starts.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Sky Commander android bug codes: Enemies move so fast? Pause the game and build towers. Every time we save a colony, we'll get a stock of resources. Besides, the colonies we save will produce a certain amount of resources every day. Colonies of higher levels produce more resources. Commander, every time we build
    upgrade a building, we gain CP (Construction Points). CP (Construction Points) raise the power of our towers in the Tower Defence mode.

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