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    war of crown android, ios hack codes

    You can use the desired skill even after movement. You can attack by tapping the selected target or tapping the activated skill. You will deal 25% bonus damage to a weaker element in the direction of the arrows. Attacking from an elevated position allows you to deal greater damage. You can see more detailed info by tapping and holding a tile where an ally or an enemy is positioned. Tap and hold on a hero's position to see more detailed info.

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    Welcome game war of crown! Top displays the number of turns left in the stage. You will be defeated if you run out of turns. Tap the blue area to move to the corresponding location. Tap the cancel button or an area outside of the tile to cancel an action. The unit selected as a target will glow red. Once you've selected a target, you'll see basic info, as well as the activation statuses of interactions and altitude attacks.

    Secrets cheat gameplay war of crown android bug codes: a hero must be at max level to be evolved for the first time. Right displays the next unit's turn, which is based on how often the unit can perform an action. Tap the icon to use or change skills. Tap and hold the icon to view skill info. You can use the skill button to move around. This will move you towards the nearest enemy. Once you've selected a target, tap the skill button to attack. If no target is available, no action will be performed. You can see a skill's range by changing skills before you make a move. The area glowing red shows the skill's attack range. Transcend heroes war of crown with 6 stars to increase their max level. Check out the enemy's element before you engage them in battle. You can battle in auto or manual mode. Sometimes you feel like driving. Sometimes you don't.

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