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    Guardians' Crew android, ios hack codes

    Devastated by the War of Gods, the world sees no end of terror at the clutches of monsters. A devil worshiper
    Alkass Oreano Bwisen summoned a god into a chaotic world by dark magic. The summoned one was Patita the fallen, once a fellow human but now a traitor to his own race. Biund by a mutual agreement, they established the monster empire which has been threatening the rest of the world. The Garam Empire, the principality of Rohar, and Barp kingdom found the guardian guild in hopes of thwarting the monster empire's ambition.

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    Welcome game Guardians' Crew! The guild has grown into a transnational organization intended to protect the mankind from monsters and demons that is independent of nationality and politics as a great number of talents flock to the guild and relentlessly fight a force of evil. People hail their saviors as guardian's crew for their heroic deeds.
    Meanwhile, three heroes emerged from guardians' crew in their quest against the monster empire. The trio headed to the west where the monster empire lies, to defeat Kilva the deadly dragon, a creation of Patita. The heroes' journey, to the hopes of the people, is now seeing its end over a river of blood from monsters in their way.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Guardians' Crew android bug codes: the battle works automatically. Characters target the enemy closest to them, while the enemy attacks characters in order of tankers, dealers, and healers. Each character has a specific set of skills based on their class. In order to use a skill in battle, tap the skill icon at the bottom of the screen. You can use one skill at a time and once the skill is used, there is a cooldown time for each skill. Using each skill set will higher your chances of winning the battle. Skill combo will be activated once the combo activation or the chain is used. High tier's equipment us included in the skill's option.

    Class Guardians' Crew : Temple knight - He protect and support your team with the strong mentality. Expand the team's survival by acting as shield and using defensive and healing skills. Striker -With the attack to single enemies quickly. He attacks to neutralize targets to deal devastating blows to single targets.

    Equipment can only be produced if you have the right blueprint for it. The stat points of the produced equipment is determined at random during the production, the higher tier of craft, the better the result. You can also craft higher level equipment Guardians' Crew by upgrading the smithy. You can change the name of equipment to a name of your own. The Smithy also have Change and Forge. You can change the appearance or forge the equipment. You can purchase a variety of items and equipments at the Store. Store has experience potions and materials. Trade is where other guardian's sell their equipments.

    Tips Guardians' Crew: If you tap the skill icon and condition icon while fighting, you can see the instructions. Sometimes black market is open. In which you can find rare materials. Every time your character levels up,
    you receive 3 status points. Status points can be used to increase certain stats of a character, and can't be changed once you have finished allocating them. Equipment is divided into 10 different parts, some of which may have special requirements. However, the neklace and ring are usable by all classes.

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