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    Nice to meet you! So you really think you can make better choices in combat than i can,eh? Think you're smarter than me, punk? When you hold a warrior's Soul Card in your hand, you'll be able to see what they see and tell them where to gog and how to fight!

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    - she's only kidding. Ashley has agreed to help fight along side the Chosen One. Just focus on what you want her to do, and she'll do it.
    - sounds great! Now, try to move her towards the green light on the ground. I'll summon a monster so that you can practice fighting as Ashley. Your psychic link is becoming even stronger! You really are Chosen One! Everything is going according to plan.
    - Okay, next up, my most powerful skill yet! I want you to summon my steam golem! He'll drop from the sky like cannonball and then fight or enemies head on. Meanwhile i can attack from a safe distance.
    -If a hero eternal arena is hurt while you're attempting to heal them, the effect will be interrupted. Make sure you use it when they're out of harms way.
    Daily tasks and hack cheats will bring you many diamonds, equipment, and more. You need different heroes eternal arena to help you overcome challenges along the journey! They often appear in the Tavern.
    Raid is an effective way to obtain experience. We'll begin our journey by seeking coucil whit the centaur warlord Loshod. He has informants all over Etryna and he could be a valuable ally. But he only respects power. We must fist prove ouselves in combat.

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    • 09NJy3 - exp;
    • gHeTv0 - cheats: diamonds ;
    • Q5qhA1- equipment;
    • 1cDT5q - stamina;
    • bVQKMg- 3 star hero guaranted;
    • 1myoTb - soul essence ;
    • RpUHgi - hack eternal arena: treasure goblins;
    • M0EdLZ - gain extra reward;
    • 7kSpYG - gold;
    • dzxPqe - level up;
    • 5siwAX - max equipment level +10;
    • NA5QFN - vigor;

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