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    Land of Daimon android, ios hack codes

    The holy city Eden is the most civilized citadel of human in the land of Gaia where is in the blessing from goddess of Gaia. The balance of world has been kept by the ultimate authority and power for a long time. Goddess of Gaia and three million braves defended the army of Evil Dragon led by Faul the fire breath. Although Faul the fire breath was sealed, goddess of Gaia was seriously injured. She split the power of goddess into many magic crystal fragments and threw them on the land. Now, more and more braves are coming and accept the quest of various challenges.
    For the justice? Or for the bounty? Even the revenge? Maybe, just want to find yourself...

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    Welcome game Land of Daimon! Violent Mushroom is not a kind of food! Most of creatures in this land have spirituality and magic, they will become reliable partners for combat! First, you have to use "Array", put the pet in your formation, or it will be useless. On the left side are picked positions, you have to pass quests to unlock the locked slots. On the right side are pets you can pick, if you have too many pets, you can use filter function.
    Tap on target, hold on screen and wipe to appointed position then you can adjust the array!

    Tap other enemies to change the attack target. Try to defeat the healer unit, it may help you well. Tap skill icon to cast a skill. You can gain vitality by defeating a target. You can gain one energy point per four minutes, use it wisely! Tap array button to open array tab.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Land of Daimon android bug codes: you have chances to get pet essence every time you forge your pets. Mystery shop will refresh at 12:00 and 18:00 every day. Tap auto enhance to enhance gears automatically, have a try! The info of a pet is about pet's Attributes tendency and Skills. Tap Attribute and Agreement buttons to check pet's detail attributes and agreement. On the left side pet info are Growth, Rune, Brave'sSpirit, you have to complete specific quests to unlock them.

    Tips Land of Daimon: if you want to be the true brave, you must learn how to use array. The little circle is your attack bar, when the bar is full, you can launch an automatic attack that can restore your vitality! This is the vitality bar that shows your current vitality. Launch an automatic attack to gain your vitality. The enemy with a red circle on the bottom means the target you can choose to attack in round!

    Hero Land of Daimon information: On the right side are hero's attributes include primary attributes (ATK, DEF, HP, SPD), and secondary attributes (Hit Rate, Dodge, Critical Hit, and so on). On the left side are hero's level, exp bar and gear panel, there are 6 slots in gear panel. If you have a new gear, it will show a red spot on the slot. Tap empty gear slot, the list of gears you can equip will show up, you can choose what you want to equip.

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