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    Hacked Hero Generations android, ios

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    Hero Generations android, ios hack codes

    My Child, You are a Hero, and it's time I taught you how to carry on my legacy. Your goal is to achieve as much Fame as possible in one lifetime. I Exploring forests is one way to earn Fame and resources. Enemies and Monsters block the space they are in. You can get more info on Locations by inspecting them. Long Press the troll to see how strong it is.

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    Welcome game Hero Generations! MOVEMENT - You can move to any open space around you. Each move ages you 1 year. You die if your LIFESPAN hits 0. COMBAT RULES - You and the enemy roll a random attack between 0 and your Strength. Highest attack wins! FINDING A MATE - This town is a place to meet a mate. Choosing a mate lets you have a child, but ends your journey. You pass on Traits and Stat Bonuses to your new
    child by flipping cards on the parenting board.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Hero Generations android bug codes: Your game will auto-save after each turn. Towns have up to 4 build locations. 1 on each side. Use the build bar to buy a farm for this location! Complete Quests to earn lots of fame. The 'Quests' button holds info on each quest. Touch and drag the map to look around the
    world and plan your next moves. Tap the player tab to re-center your view. Take the ancient treasure to a town. Beware, monsters and enemy heroes guard it. You can hold two items. Click the item slot buttons to drop items already In hand.

    Tips Hero Generations: select a quest for more info. Gain access to all lairs and clear them so that monsters stop spawning. Explore all forests that exist in this world. Earn 7000 gold in a single lifetime and upgrade a museum into a monument. Deliver a killing blow in combat to the boss monster. Use what I taught you to explore the world and continue our family legacy.

    Items Hero Generations: Wooden hammer – repairs a building in the same space by adding 20 to its lifespan. Pickaxe – digs automatically on broken ground locations visited. Life raft – move over water tiles, +5 strength in the island world. Wooden shield – prevents 5 lifespan damage after a loss in combat. Adds 7 strength to attack in combat.

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