hacking The Onion Knights
  • Cheats, hack The Onion Knights: sweep, gold coins, gem crystal, materials, unlimited bolts energy, grand open. Hacked game The Onion Knights bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked The Onion Knights android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack rare hero card - sdewiu;

    • gift box (grand open) — gfhytt;

    • unlimited bolts — oiu8it;

    • materials — 5bn1mg;

    • gold coins — mkoIG1;

    • gem crystal — mb6Vcz;

    • free sweep — Knde3w.

    The Onion Knights android, ios hack codes

    The peaceful age of harvest has passed and now is the age of gluttony. The invasion of curry is merciless and continent's earth is soaked with blood. Paprika, mushroom, carrot, broccoli, potato, ginger have all fallen – only onion is left! Brave knights! Protect onion kingdom!

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    Welcome game The Onion Knights! welcome. Knight Captain! Our first castle is being attacked. In hero store you can manage your knights' skills. At the moment, the knights can only use one skill. Item - Here you can purchase consumable items or equip them. Move the turret up and down to attack enemies. Each knight has their own skill. But be careful, if you use a skill, it will use up your MP. Use the right items for the right situation. This is especially helpful If you're in danger.

    Secrets cheat gameplay The Onion Knights android bug codes: You can exchange gems crystal for gold coins but not the other way around. Summon a hero and take it into battle. You can only summon it once per battlefield. The pub - where the knights are staying. Here you can find the store, the achievements, your friends, the settings, the ranking and much more. You can upgrade your heroes. Use a hero card In your possession and upgrade materials to upgrade the hero up to 5 stars.

    Tips The Onion Knights: Tap Receive All to get all the gifts in your mall box. After you've selected the card you want to upgrade and the materials, press the upgrade button. When your card's EXP are full, your hero is ungraded to the next level. You can try any hero you like in the trial mode. You're tired of the controls? Try leveling up by doing sweeps.
    Hammering - Hammers the ground knocking the enemy back and stunning them for a certain period. Pirate Pina - Barrage of multiple shots to the enemy. Flamest Gooper – twin brother of Goof. The flamest of blue shoots 4 flares. War God Dimagio - Tills War God or Red Armor overwhelms the enemy with a wide ranged attack.

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