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    Puzzle Warrior android, ios hack codes

    Hello, warrior. Welcome to join adventurers. I will teach you how to fight the monster. You may damage the enemy by matching the sword icon . You may recover the defense by matching shield icon, and the defense can offset part of the damage. Matching five sword is the strongest attack. Matching heart icon may restore some certain life.

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    Welcome game Puzzle Warrior! Matching the gold icon may get more gold award when
    completing a level. Well, the basic combat skills are what we have talked about. Matching four or five icons may have different effects. Enjoy yourself. Complete the training mission. Let's meet at the entrance of forest in a minute. Very well, you completed the training task so quickly. There is a long way from the fighting against the dragon. To defeat the dragon has to pass through this forest. The monsters here are not quite dangerous. And. you may find some unlocked chests.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Puzzle Warrior android bug codes: move the key to the bottom to unlock the chest. The old equipment can be sold for gold. Well, you become stronger by taking the training. Shop - There are all equipments that adventurers need in the store. So smart, you may come here to update the equipment when having enough gold coins. New weapon has been sent to the home, go back to equip yourself.

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