hacking Skyland Clash
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    Hacked Skyland Clash android, ios

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    Skyland Clash android, ios hack codes

    In ancient times, the small village of Arcadia, stood secluded from the rest of the world, protected by powerful wizards, the elders. Aodh disappeared in the sky. In order to protect Arcadia, the elders sent warriors to the floating island to train and search for the dragon in order to get rid of him once and for all. Our heroes journey began, Arcadia's only hope of survival...

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    Welcome game Skyland Clash!Wow! Beautiful Island, isn't it? But it seems a bit deserted. We will build our village here and protect our Arcadia forever. The Elders have prepared a Hall for us, it's a place for us to learn how to be stronger! Check the quests before you make any decisions, the Elder will give us the correct guidance. Go to the store and you can choose the buildings our village needs.
    Tavern – heroes are gathered here. You can recruit them if you have enough to pay them. Every hero is unique. All of the heroes desire to join your team, you only have to show them some respect by fulfilling their requirement.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Skyland Clash android bug codes: drag the hero into your team, he will be fighting for you! Heroes' energy will be restore every 1 minute, and each round in a battle will cost 1 energy. You can select your hero on the left by tapping him. Blue squares that just appeared represent your area of movement the red daggers your area of attack. Alright, so go ahead and move your riero one step closer to your enemies by tapping the blue square in front of you. Tap the "Ready" button to end your turn and start the battle!

    Tips Pocket Skyland Clash: buildings – they have all kinds of buildings here. These buildings should make yur village strong! Pay attention to what he does in order to prepare your next move! Damage in red is physical attack,damage in purple is Magical attack, da mage in white is ignoring defense attack. Tap the equipment to equip your heroes. I think you've noticed that different heroes wear different kinds of equipment. Choose the best ones for them! And also, you can tap Auto to equip your hero quickly!

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