hacking Heroes of the Rift
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    Hacked Heroes of the Rift android, ios

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    Heroes of the Rift android, ios hack codes

    Our king is locked deep down in the castle! We have to rescue him! My name is cheat-on. The prince sent me to assist you. I will guide you to the king, so don't worry. Hero Info - Displays your hero's HP, level and name. Demon info – displays demon's health and name. Battle Time - Displays the time spent in combat or the time limit. Game Menu Buttons - Use to pause the game, change the game options or return to the Lobby. Camera Button - Zooms in/out on the screen.

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game Heroes of the Rift! Warrior - Gifted with superior physical strength, the Warrior wields large two-handed weapons with ease and excels at close quarter combat. Most of his skills are cast instantly, allowing him to wipe out enemies with quick, efficient movements. Hunter - Using ranged weapons, the Hunter can eliminate enemies more quickly and effectively than any other class from a distance. Mage - The Mage uses the power of her pure mind to employ various kinds of elemental magic. She's as equally capable of both powerful attacks and healing magic.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Heroes of the Rift android bug codes: I heard you were good, but let me remind you about the basics. When combat begins, you start unleashing Basic Attacks. Basic Attacks deal a small amount of damage and restore a small amount of MP as well. To inflict big amounts of damage on your enemy, you must use Skills. Normal Skill Attacks inflicts more damage and generate more MP than Basic Attacks. Ultimate Skills require MP to use, but inflicts great damage on enemies. Special Skills provide unique effects that are useful in combat.

    Tips Heroes of the Rift: MP Gauge - Displays the amount of MP your hero currently has. To fight effectively, use Normal Skills to charge your MP, and then inflict great damage with Ultimate Skills by using the MP you charged. When you select an equipment, you can compare it to the current one you have equipped. Tap on the Encyclopedia icon to see all the Rewards available. You can recruit Mercenaries only against Bosses and Raid Bosses. Use Ultimate Skills to charge Fury. Fury is displayed with the Fury Gauge. Fury Gauge - Displays the amount of Fui your hero currently has. Berserk lasts for 10 seconds and doubles your Attack. Oh, I forgot to mention, if you use the ultimate skill while you're in berserk mode, the berserk duration increases by 4 seconds.

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