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    Hero Legend android, ios hack codes

    Before you enter the Shadow Realm we must prepare you for the fight! A fighter must always know how to move. Each hero has 4 skills with cooldowns. Good! You've found some gears. You'll need to know how to put them to good use. Ugrading the gears will make them stronger and in turn make you more deadly.

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    Welcome game Hero Legend! Swapping heroes to use skills is key to winning. You will be much more lethal if you upgrade your skills too. You can sell items for extra gold. White items (normal) can be upgraded 5 times, green (rare) 10 times, blue (unique) 15 times, Purple (legendary) 20 times! Max upgrades double the effects! If you can't pass a level. Train in previous levels to strengthen your heroes. Deluxe chest – random first tier item, improved odds of drawing uniques or legendaries.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Hero Legend android bug codes: Selling an enchanced equipment will retain 70% of its upgrade price. You can hold the upgrade button to keep upgrading. Reaching levels 10, 20, and 30 unlocks items of higher tier. Ranged enemies hurt more. Attack them first. The further you venture the stronger the enemies. You'll have to open some chests to get gear that can handle them. Your power score is based on the sum of all your heroes' power scores.

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