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    Hacked Wave Raiders android, ios

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    Wave Raiders android, ios hack codes

    Hey! You look the hero... ish type! Don't panic, but I need you to be one RIGHT NOW! New to the Sparkling Seas? Swipe UP to start moving. Swipe UP to move the ship near the monster, acting TOTALLY natural the whole time! Captain Laura will attack automatically when close. Common sense takes a back seat here! I knew we wouldn't be fish food! Let's plunder the treasure it protected. Time for the knock-out! Tap Laura's Flash Bomb icon to use her explosive finisher move! Kaboom! Now sail around and nab those coins before someone sees us!

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    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game Wave Raiders! Welcome to your new home! We'll need help defeating Umbra the Siren Queen! Let's recruit some! We can use the gold you raided from Umbra's stronghold to recruit crew members! Seline the Healer will sign a crew contract as thanks for helping her. Your fleet uses supplies to go on adventures. It will replenish In time, so keep an eye on it! Destroying Umbra's strongholds is important to saving these seas! The seas will be too rough to sail after a while, so watch your timer!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Wave Raiders android bug codes: try to pick up many objects from defeating monsters! Swipe any part of the screen to move. Your score goes up by defeating enemies and obstacles. Grab as much treasure as you can before the timer ends! Each Explorer has their own Captain Skills. A speed pick-up - that should help us sail faster. These can get you through waters in no time! Monsters can drop them, too! You can change Captains as much as you like. You'll need extra resources to maintain your fleet.

    Tips EvilBane Wave Raiders: you only need to swipe once for ships to move. You can change your fleet order
    any time before a stage. To earn star, defeat the number of monsters shown top menu. If you move inside the purple ring around a monster, it can attack YOUR ships. If the monster is inside the white ring around your ships, YOU can attack THEM! Looks like a great opportunity for the Flash Bomb! Tap the skill icon to use it! Attacker skills pack a punch and have countdowns until they can be used again! Use them wisely!

    Buildings (resources): Brewhouse - your Explorers have "needs" for the Grog you collect from it. What do Explorers need Grog for? Glad you asked! Tap the Fleet menu. Managing your crew members happens from this menu. You can tap Explorer portraits to switch between them. Explorers will train up their abilities for your Grog.

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