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    Hacked Warlords android, ios

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    Warlords android, ios hack codes

    I'll tell you how to play the game. That kid over there is your knight and he's ready to show what he's made of! Let's go!
    Attack an adjacent enemy by tapping it. Top are your regiments. Tap the Royal Pikes regiment to select them. Enemies particularly weak against the selected regiment are indicated by a crosshair icon. Regiments can be deployed in any deployment tile. Place a selected regiment by tapping a blue tile. The next regiment in deployment queue is automatically selected.

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    Welcome game Warlords! Terrain tip! Units on high ground do 50% more damage against enemies below. If you found your first item, equip a regiment commander with it in the Army screen. Tap on the banner slot to view your Pike banners. Select an item on the list to view its effects and tap equip. Ships regularly visit Dewport, carrying aid to your cause including powerful equipment and upgrades.Basic weapon has no special capabilities. Tap Dewport to collect its cargo.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Warlords android bug codes: Upgrades are used to improve your regiments. Units can also be recovered instantly in the Army screen. Shards are used to recruit or promote a regiment. The Rough Riders (Class: Mounted) - Mounted regiments can move further and have high damage output. Strong against Guardians and Archers, weak against Pikes and Mages. Scouts report Mages in enemy ranks! Ranged enemies encountered! Ranged attacks can only be used if there are no enemies on neighboring tiles.

    Tips :Use archers to take out orc mages from a distance. Village tiles heal regiments at the beginning of a turn. Swamp - regiments must stop on swamp tiles and take 50% more damage while on one.

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