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    Hacked DC Legends android, ios

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    DC Legends android, ios hack codes

    A merciless army from the dawn of time has returned – the man hunters. Relentless machines with a single purpose – to eradicate all life. Defeated millennia ago, the man hunters have returned powered by dark forces. Only courageous heroes and bold villains can save countless worlds from the blackest night. To save all the universe, heroes and villains will need to become legends...

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    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game DC Legends! To attack an enemy, tap on them. A green pointer means an enemy will take bonus damage from that hero. Tap and hold on a super power to view that ability's description. Essence gems can bt used in the store to summon heroes from the void. Earn legendary essence by playing the lord of the unliving event. XP meta agent – use it to improve your heroes. Hero gear can also be upgraded to make a hero more powerful. A Cut above - damage to single enemy, increased damage if lex is above 50% health.

    Heroes DC Legends:
    Legendary joker – the clown prince of crime. Criminal mastermind. His toxic toys cause lasting damage and drive his foes crazy. Legendary green arrow – the emerald archer. Master archer. Target multiple enemies with gadget arrows that exploit their weaknesses. Legendary Raven – daughter of demons. Empath and healer. Attacks with mystical energy that cripples and health allies at a cost to herself. Green lantern – uses power ring to create shields for protection and energy constructs that damage and stun.

    Secrets cheat gameplay DC Legends android bug codes: hero gear is improved from your hero's profile. Premium pack – 6 hero fragments +3 items. Use essence gems to unlock even more hero fragments from the void. May drop exclusive characters. Includes gear material and meta agent. When you collect enough hero fragments, you unlock new heroes. Tap on a hero's portrait to add them to your team for battle. Heroes do bonus damage against either energy, physical or mystical foes. A 5 star hero unlocks the ability to be legendary.

    Tips DC Legends: hero gear is improved from your hero's profile. When a hero is ready to unlock or upgrade, the button will be badged. When a hero is 5 star, they can become legendary. A 5 star character unlocks the ability to be legendary. When an enemy's turn meter circle fills up, they will attack. Complete all daily missions before the timer runs out, and receive extra rewards!

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