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    Hacked Final Chronicle android, ios

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    • soulstones — gfhytt;

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    • gold treasure — 5bn1mg;

    • unlimited stamina — plk7gw;

    • pets — mb6Vcz;

    • gems — Knde3w.

    Final Chronicle android, ios hack codes

    A story told in ancient verses. A disaster marked by arrival of the behemoth. On the battlefield, brave tunes sang on the forsaken earth, fallen heroes rest. Like a bring star piercing the darkness, a seer of infinite knowledge appears. Her wisdom gave birth to powerful magic, she led brave warriors to the final battlefield. An unnamed landmark, the origin of disaster the summoned comet destroyed all. The humans have obtain victory, but the seer and the warriors never returned. The tale of your journey has just begun...

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    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game Final Chronicle! As evil sinister hide in the human hearts, waiting for many years for time to pass. With plans to consume the world's future. After two years, you are finally back to the land that you grew up in. You saved a damsel in distress.
    This is the action order of all units. The selected target will have arrow marks. Our Health (HP) bars are in the lower left corner, enemies' are below their feet. AP is consumed when you use skills, each hero gain one AP at the start of their turn. You can use the Super Skill when AP is full! - The green arrows indicate this skill is strong against the enemy!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Final Chronicle android bug codes: If you select a friend to cheer for you, the stat boost will be increased and you both will get Pal Points as reward. Select a fan to cheer for you. Their cheering will boost your stats. Login one more day to get a purple weapon for raina. Improve your heroes' reputation to enable them equip more soulstones. If your damage is significantly higher than enemies remaining health, you will perform on Overkill and gain extra rage. Leader Skill can increase team's abilities! You can try using different hero has leaders.

    Tips Final Chronicle: Friend's cheering skill can also increase team's ability, so invite more friends. The enemy just taunted you?! Long press your icon to see your status. Regular attack costs 0 AP; it can help stock-up AP and increases your speed for a turn. Friendship increase helper bonuses and pal points. You can upgrade and evolve your skills. There are two set of skills for you to choose from: fury and sword master. Evolve the skill will increase the power of the skill. Activate the skill set to use the set's skills and talents. You can use recovery potion or skill when you in danger.

    Bonus: Complete royal quests to increase your heroes' reputation. A hero s pet gains mana each time the hero acts. Its skill will be available when it has obtained enough mana. You can evolve the pet to get stronger skill. You can only use identical pets to evolve the target pet. Your pet can use their skill when they collect enough mana

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