hacking Kingdom Conquest
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    Hacked Kingdom Conquest android, ios

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    • vip status — 5bn1mg;

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    • stat points — mb6Vcz;

    • resources: wood, stone, iron — Knde3w.

    Kingdom Conquest android, ios hack codes

    My Liege! Our Kingdom is surrounded and your empire is under threat, we should flee these lands and find a Castle elsewhere...We've crash landed in the realm of Magna. We must find our new Kingdom. Our scouts have reported an abandoned Castle nearby. We must capture the territory between us and the Castle first, and for that we will need Monsters to fight for us. Drag and drop the Monsters into the marked slots to build a Unit. A Monster Horde has been spotted near the City walls. If defeated Monster Hordes will drop the precious stones we need to summon new Monsters.

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    Welcome game Kingdom Conquest!Welcome to your new City my Liege. First, we should build a Hospital. The Hospital will heal some of our injured troops after each battle. Tap on our newly claimed land to see information about the tile. Open land providing little opportunity for monsters to gather in great numbers. You can capture this territory if you already own adjacent territory and have 1 Reign to spare. Resource gain from owned territory decreases over time and replenishes when released. Holding higher level territory will yield a greater.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Kingdom Conquest android bug codes: Tap or swipe monster cards to reveal them. You can instantly complete constructions with less than 5 minutes remaining. Building Storehouses in the City will help to store our resources. You received a reward upon quest completion! The blue square indicates our territory. The blue outline indicates linked territory. A unit powerful enough to defeat the monsters gathered there must be deployed to capture the land. Our Monsters earn XP when fighting in battle. If they earn enough XP. They will level up. Leveling up Monsters is the key to making them stronger!

    Tips Kingdom Conquest: Goblin archer - This Monster uses the RAID SNIPE skill, which is dependant on both Attack and Speed. Increasing Attack is good, but increasing its Speed will increase its chances of attacking first in battle! Producing more troops will also increase the strength of your unit. Upgrade Monster Barracks to increase the production queue. The defending monsters will be stronger but the reward will be greater!Storehouse - Storage tor Wood, Stone and Iron. The Hospital recovers lost Troops at the end of battle for any monsters you deploy from the Castle.

    how to enter hack cheats Kingdom Conquest.

  • how and where enter
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