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    Tavern Brawl android, ios hack codes

    Your heroes can move and attack once each turn and every enemy has one counterattack per turn. The highlight on their block tells you a hero's status. Heroes with SPRINT can move one block further than the others can. Heroes with TAUNT have to be attacked first. RANGED heroes can perform long distance attacks.

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    Welcome game Tavern Brawl! The brawl won't wait! Are you battle ready? First, you need to choose your team of heroes. To win a brawl, defeat THREE enemies. Your current score can be seen at the top of the screen. Man down? Keep your team topped up. You need to have THREE heroes in play.
    Move your heroes by DRAGGING them to a new block on the grid. DRAG your heroes to attack the enemy. Press and hold any hero to see their stats and details whenever you want. Ranged attack can't be used when the enemy is nearby.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Tavern Brawl android bug codes: Whirlwind – when attacking, damage all surrounding enemies. White ranger – when performing a ranged attack, deal 2 damage to all enemies surrounding the target. Tiny shadow – when attacking, deal 2 times the damage if the target has no surrounding enemies. Musketeer – when attacking, deal 1 more damage if the musketeer has an ally next to him. To meet and chat with other brawlers, join the Tavern Brawl chat room

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