hacking Gods Wars 4
  • Cheats, hack Gods Wars 4: gold, diamonds, rare pets, chest, talents, coupon codes, level up, evolve. Hacked game Gods Wars 4 bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Gods Wars 4 android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • coupon codes— gfhytt;

    • talent — oiu8it;

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    • gold coins — plk7gw;

    • rare pets — mb6Vcz;

    • diamonds — Knde3w.

    Gods Wars 4 android, ios hack codes

    At the beginning of the Genisis of the World the world is full of energy. All kinds of creatures compete for energy
    The Gods Wars last for 1000 years, the bright goddess won at last. Now Many Gods fall into sleep, Demons and Dark Gods are back for revenge. Heroes guard the continent...The evil god who has been sealed for 10 thousands years is going to wake up. How you are going to face your end...

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    Welcome game Gods Wars 4!Hero - Prince of the Fire Kingdom, heir of the Fire God, brave warrior. Attack and defense additional. Fire sword skills. Magic sword man. Cindy - Princess of the Wind Kingdom, heir of the Wind God, flexible fighter. Critical and dodge additional. Wind fist skills. Click the attack buttom, normal attack. Click the skill buttom, cast skills. some stage have serval wave of enemies, please defeat all the waves. Last wave may refresh a boss. You can get free diamond and double level reward with video ads, or hack cheats codes.

    Tips Gods Wars 4 : summon pets consumes pet pieces, you can get pet by gamble, daily rewards and battles point at summon. Press “level up” to upgrade your pet. Pet can upgrade status by level up, pet passive skill will add your player status. Upgrade pet needs consumes pieces you can get all pet pieces in battle rewards. You can also using level max consume diamonds and set pets max level. Your pet select menu - point a menu to join battle the first one can go battle with you. The other pet may add you 4 passive skills

    Secrets cheat gameplay Gods Wars 4 android bug codes: levels will drop forging materials. Enhance your equipments, get more status. Each equipment is unique with random status. Pets with different strategies according to different boss. When you get 100% energy, you can burst. You can stimulate 399% energy. You can upgrade pets with their pieces. You can get golds, experience, pet pieces after complete a battle, press "double" get can get double rewards!

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