hacking Lords of the Fallen Mobile
  • Cheats, hack Lords of the Fallen Mobile: gold, dgem crystal, runes, spell points, stamina energy, double damage. Hacked game Lords of the Fallen Mobile bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Lords of the Fallen Mobile android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack gem crystal - sdewiu;

    • recovery health — gfhytt;

    • double damage — oiu8it;

    • unlimited stamina energy — 5bn1mg;

    • gold coins — bvgdop;

    • runes — mb6Vcz;

    • spell point — Knde3w.

    Lords of the Fallen Mobile android, ios hack codes

    Enemy is getting ready to make a special attack. Block it or dodge. Magic can also be used in the fight. Use Spells and Combo Attacks to deal more damage. You can improve spells with character development. Each new level of the character grants a new spell point. Use the Elixir of Health to regain full health. Tap the Upgrade button to raise the Spell level.

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    Welcome game Lords of the Fallen Mobile! You can buy new equipment in the Armory. Use Training room in the Hideout to improve your skills in blocking and dodging. Materials for crafting items can be obtained by defeating Enemies. Use the Elixir of Defense to restore Shield Points. You can buy potions in Armory or craft them in Laboratory. Simple enemy attacks can be parried. Successful Parry will stun the Enemy. Swipe towards Enemy's attack to parry it. Use the Elixir of Attack to inflict double damage

    Tips : After three successive dodges or blocks, the Enemy will become stunned, allowing you to inflict heavy damage.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Lords of the Fallen Mobile android bug codes: You do not receive damage when blocking enemy attacks. Quickly! Attack the enemy before he hits you. 3 consecutive successful blocks will knock an enemy senseless but the number of blocks for one fight is limited. Once you dodge you don't receive damage. Unlike blocks, dodges are not limited. You are attacked from the left side? Go left to dodge. You can craft Runes in Magic Room. Combo attacks inflict double damage.

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