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    Hacked Boomiz android, ios

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    Boomiz android, ios hack codes

    Enemy incoming! Send Bill to stop them! Bill will explode where you clicked. Unless he hits a Boomiz first! Now switch to Froyo, he'll slow everyone down. Each character has his own Cooldown. Wait till it's over to send another one! You can also drag a hero from a Launcher. The Boomiz will explode at the end of the area where you dragged your finger. When in trouble, use the EMP tower. It's your most powerful weapon, but you can only use it once in a while.

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    Welcome game Boomiz! We must find a new island and start building up our city from scratch. We need a Bunker to hide when we're attacked. If the enemy destroys the Bunker, we lose. Economy buildings are placed on the main island. Top is our opponent's defense line. Destroy his Bunker and we'll win! If your reserves are maxed out, build Storage Buildings to store some more.

    Launcher – just a rocket launcher, except the rockets are alive. It will propel our characters towards our enemies. Launchers must be placed on your defense line as well. Bunker – a big fat pack of life. Attack whale – caries your hero for an attack.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Boomiz android bug codes: You gain XP when upgrading or building up your buildings. You can check your progress towards achievements in the Profile Menu. The daily quests menu will feed you with challenges every day! Use your characters in a fight or upgrade your Factory to make more. You need to equip some hero in Attack and Defense before you can fight!

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