Kill Shot Bravo
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    This is Command. I've got you on sat feed now. The black eclipse rebel faction has taken over an abandoned factory in this valley. We need to clear them out. Drag the slider up to zoom in on your target.

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    Using your left thumb, aim your weapon at the enemy soldier. We've detected a patrol coming to check on the missing guard. You earned bucks for completing the mission. You can use bucks to buy a new rifle.
    The weapons menu allows us to purchase, upgrade and view weapons. The next mission Kill Shot Bravo requires better sights on your sniper rifle.
    Missins: the security checkpoint is sending a guard to investigage. Take him out quickly. Our scans are picking up hostiles in a nearby structure. Breach missions Kill Shot Bravo require a shotgun. We will loan you a shotgun for mission. friends can help you in missions by spotting enemies.

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    • UefEVa - upgrade: grip, sights, barrel, muzzle, mag size, thermal, silenger;
    • b4GgU1 - cheats: bucks;
    • s79RKA - reload 1 second;
    • XnrtZS - accuracy 100%;
    • Rv3lOv - Gold;
    • Rv3lOv - medal;
    • Rv3lOv - energy;
    • 1myoTb - pvp bonus - 1000 pts per win ;
    • 1myoTb - unlock all: head, uniforms, body gear, gloves, pads, boots, faces, headgear, eyewear, face wear ;

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