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    Lara Croft Guardian of Light android, ios hack codes

    According to Aztec myth, the region we call the Yucatan is an ancient battleground where the human followers of Totec, the guardian of light, once waged a catastrophic war against the demonic forces of Xoloh, the Keeper of darkness. It is written that Xoloh called upon the power of an artifact known as the mirror of smoke to summon forth a horde of unspeakable horrors from the abyss. Totec's warriors were slaughtered in the battle that followed, but totec himself survived. He found a way to turn the Mirror's power back against the evil god.

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    Welcome game Lara Croft Guardian of Light! Xoloh was imprisoned within the mirror, and the descendants of totec went on to forge a mighty empire that lasted until the arrival of the conquistadors. As for what happened to the Mirror of smoke, the ancient texts are vague. Some say it was hidden in a secret place... That the mirror was lost forever... But if there's one thing i've learned... It's that nothing is lost forever.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Lara Croft Guardian of Light android bug codes: use the left stick to move around, push it a small amount to walk or a lot to run. Press the jump button to jump, jump when standing for a straight jump or while running to jump in that direction. Press the mine button to place a mine. Press the mine button again to detonate the mine. Mines can be used to destroy objects in the wold. Use the right stick to aim and fire your weapon, use the left stick to strafe whilst firing. Press the evade button to dodge enemy attacks.

    Tips Lara Croft Guardian of Light: Lara can jump onto spears that have been thrown into walls to access higher areas. Press the spear button to select it and use the right stick to throw it. Pressing the spear button again will un-equip it. Standing near a health shrine will dradually refill your health. Press the on screen grapple icon to attach to the golden grapple rings in the world. Use the left stick to scale the walls.

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