hacking Soul of Blade
  • Cheats, hack Soul of Blade: wings, gold, vip, energy, diamonds, space key, enhance stone, mysterious egg. Hacked game Soul of Blade bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Soul of Blade android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack wings - fdr98u;

    • mysterious egg, space key — lokuyt;

    • gold coins — oiu8it;

    • diamonds — 5bn1mg;

    • vip status — bvgdop;

    • enhance stone — cdfret;

    • unlimited energy — Knde3w.

    Soul of Blade android, ios hack codes

    God of destruction comes, fantasy territory engulfed by darkness... Once beautiful home.. Select crystals to upgrade your weapon. Pet is a weapon with HP, with a pet, you can be invincible! All equipment enhance reach +10 can improve all attributes! Click dash button to move quickly. Blessing water can be used to refresh bounty quests, giving more chance for orange quests. Combo skill has highly effect in combat.

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    Welcome game Soul of Blade! Catwoman – transforming hero, strong attack. Weapon is cat-pow. Swordsman – melee hero, high defense, high HP, melee attack. Weapon is a fire dragon blade. Little robot – transport hero, long range attack with laser, bomb anything. Magician – gorgeous hero, AOE attack. Weapon is the magic wand. Guild essence stone and guild refined stone can be claimed via guild treasure dungeon. You have 10 arena times a day, do not miss 1! The higher level you are, the more welfare you will receive. Remember to open daily welfare gift every day for props, which may help you.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Soul of Blade android bug codes: Armor set, use refined soul armor to synthesize this hero. How to get soul: drop in dungeon stage 2. Magician, use fine magic soul when synthesize hero, to own this hero. Combo is to cast skills orderly, set combo to help hero gain greater power! The more skills you learn, the more skill combo you own. Do not worry, practice makes perfect, using combo can double the effective. Guild opens at level 16 so you can gather your friends. After setting the three skills combo, click to automatically set 3 bombo, click other skills to stop. Dungeon cannot be auto.

    Tips Soul of Blade: Restored 1 energy every 6 minutes. Enhance equipment is the best way to increase Battle rating! Remember to enhance yourself. Vip signing to receive additional diamonds, the higher level the more rewards! Signing 3 days in a row for a beautiful wings!

    how to enter hack cheats Soul of Blade.

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