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    Hacked Mung knights android, ios

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    Mung knights android, ios hack codes

    Now that a Grand Master is newly appointed, I'll let you know the essential information for managing the Order. The menu for managing the Order is provided below. Inn Recruit is a menu where you can select a new knight. You can meet a new knight once a day. It costs some Gold to hire a knight. Managing Troop is a menu where you can organize troops with your knights. The same knight can have a different ability depending on the way to organized troops.

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    Welcome game Mung knights! Master Skill is a menu where you can choose the skill a Leader will use in combat. To acquire a new skill, you can purchase the skill if you like the one obtained as a bonus during a combat. You can start exploring dungeon by tabbing Dungeon. For exploring dungeon, you will be automatically moved to the different dungeon based on the level of your Order. The higher the dungeon level, the stronger monster and more rewards you can get. Rewards may be all different even if dungeons are the same level. Please check the reward details beforehand. Tab Dungeon below to start exploring dungeon.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Mung knights android bug codes: Before exploring dungeon. We'll first let you know how to combat. Your knight will confirm an enemy in front and attack it automatically if he has the skill to attack it. Move your knight side to side to attack monsters better. Attention! If monsters broke through you. Master Life will be consumed. When Master Life becomes 0, Master is dead and you fail in exploring dungeon. You have some special skills, which only you can use. Find Master Skill in the lower right conner. If a monster is attacked or killed, the skill becomes available and you can use it. You should register your Knights to dungeon administer.

    Tips Mung knights: Leader can prepare 3 Master Skills. The first Master Skill will be given randomly, and you can purchase it after exploring dungeon. HP of Knights is expressed as a number. You should avoid or defend enemy's attack by placing the strong knights at the head so that knights isn't dead. If your knights are in danger or you saw a monster breaking through you. You need to use Master Skill resolutely! Good luck with your Order!
    I'll inform you about Managing Troop Grand Master has to organize troops and manage knights. Knights have their own role. The power of troops varies depending on how you deploy your knights. One more thing! Teamwork score! All knights have their own score for teamwork. The effect of Master Skill can be strengthened by teamwork score. You can put on the items obtained from dungeon or purchased from store to your knight. You can break the knight not having been upgraded. If you break the knight, you can gain some tokens. That's all we have to inform you about knight management.

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