hacking Infinity Mercs
  • Cheats, hack Infinity Mercs: gold, gems, relic, soulstones, reincarnate, evolve heroes, open quest, coupons. Hacked game Infinity Mercs bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Infinity Mercs android, ios

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    • open quest — lokuyt;

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    • reincarnate — 5bn1mg;

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    • gold coins — cdfret;

    • gems — Knde3w.

    Infinity Mercs android, ios hack codes

    Humans, Elves. Undead and Ores all lived together happily in Mordos. The four races forbid the use of magic in Mordos, which was originally a land of magic, for the sake of peace. But one day. The dimensional gate opened in the peaceful Mordos... And from there, the Dark Monarch came to conquer Mordos. The peaceful Mordos was swept away by fear in an instant. The king had to allow the use of magic and promised great wealth and honor to the person who destroys the dimensional gate. The wizards who heard of this news grew excited, now that they were allowed to use magic.

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    Welcome game Infinity Mercs! The wizards were ecstatic that using magic was allowed. They recruited mercenaries and began to fight against the army of darkness.
    Wizard! What are you doing? Show them your skill. Hm... I guess you haven't used magic for so long that you won't be able to do it alone...But there's a way! Mercenaries will help you. They may be weak now, but you can upgrade them using gold to make them stronger! You can earn gold by completing quests. Collect cold through quests and upgrade your mercenaries! You can Evolve and Enchant Mercenary. Mercenaries that can evolve have an Evolve tab. Make sure to check if there is an Evolve tab

    Secrets cheat gameplay Infinity Mercs android bug codes: You started the quest! Quests are completed after time passes and you can gain gold as rewards. You can manage your mercenaries under this Mercenary Tab. Use level up magic on the mercenaries. You can defeat harder stages with stronger mercenaries. Level-up magic costs gold, but it's worth it if they become stronger! You can earn more gold through quests. Press the replace button in the mercenary store and relic store. You can change it once an hour for free.

    Tips Infinity Mercs: Evolve Mercenary is not reset even after reincarnation, so it is a crucial element to pass all the stages. Only mercenaries that are 4 stars or higher can be evolved. Mercenaries under 3 stars are used for evolution materials. You can use gems and auto-run quests! Warning Auto-run will be reset if you reincarnate. When reincarnating, the quest and all mercenary levels will be initialized. Open various magic in the Magic tab. Magic is important to win in PVP, dungeons, and stages. Undead has a 40% chance of reviving after dying. When revived, it has 50% of total HP.

    Cavalry knight (human) – melee physic attack. Attack opponent with highly mobile and powerful spear. Skill – triple piercing attack with 70% attack power ( every 4 seconds).

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