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    Valiant Force android, ios hack codes

    Peace was finally established through an arranged marriage between the two of the most powerful kingdoms of Arathos. A grand wedding was held In the peaceful town of Fairwyn. All the nobles of the land gathered to witness the joyous event. Amongst them, there was a young squire named Leon, whose heroic destiny was about to unfold. As the ceremony wis about to begin, a crimson fog fell upon the castle, and a hooded figure cloaked in an aura of death appeared before the altar. Wasting no time, the hooded figure began the summoning of blood demons. Crazed with frenzy they rampage the grounds, slaughtering all the guards and unarmed guests.

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    Welcome game Valiant Force! However, unknown to him, three legendary Valiants attended the ceremony in secret that day. Peerless heroes unmatched in skill, their ferocious counterattack forced the hooded figure to have no other choke but to retreat. As the Valiants gave chase, Leon, young and eager to impress, saw an opportunity to prove himself and joined the pursuit...Your adventure begins in Fairwyn Dale, a lush and peaceful valley rich with agriculture.
    TAP and DRAG on Hero Portrait below across the grid to move him forward. Linking up Auras is one of the most important strategies in combat. TAP and DRAG on Hero Portrait below hero a nearby Hero to swap positions. TAP and DRAG from your Hero to the desired target within range. TAP your target to unleash the spell unto it.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Valiant Force android bug codes: card fusion unlocks at player level 7, allowing you to strengthen heroes and gain additional stat bonuses. The character stat defense, determines how much physical damage mitigation your hero has. Be sure to equip your heroes with the 6 types of equipments to strengthen them. Welcome to the Squad Formation! You can setup your SQUAD by selecting your Hero combinations and positions. A squad cannot contain same hero with the same job. Completing CHAPTERS in the QUEST map will further progress the story. You also may encounter heroes and loot in your journey.

    Tips Valiant Force: Trials – challenge yourself in trials to earn additional gems from quests. The character stat HP, determines how much hit points your hero has. I can probably take out the RANGED unit at the BACK with one Strike. However, we have to defeat the one in the FRONT first. Note that RANGED ATTACKS deal less damage to targets that are not the most forefront. In most situations, it is more tactical to prioritize enemies at the FRONT. A PENALTY INDICATOR icon will appear on the targets affected, indicating the penalty. Do a range attack to have a look at it. Every Hero have their own unique AURA. Each AURA has its own benefits and their way to TRIGGER it. The AREA EFFECT of AURA are indicated by the RED ARROWS on each Hero Portrait. Therefore, positioning is extremely important! Finish off the Enemy in the front line, to remove the RANGE PENALTY.

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