Dragon Ninjas
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    The bloodiest battle ever fought in the land of the living. Came to an end when Soki, carrier of the spirit of the Great Dragon, defeated Yamma's dark powers. Soki was able to build a prosperous empire for his two sons, Satoru and Wataru.

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    After Soki's death, both brothers carried on his legacy. But, in the shadows, Yamma forget his revenge. He sent his beatiful daughter Rei to corrupt Wataru's soul, and make the brothers become mortal enemies.

    The great war Dragon Ninjas began. Yamma used Wataru to overtake the empire. Cornered in the Southern lands, Satoru must rearm his armies and find a new hero who can hel him. A new spirit of the great dragon must triumph over evil.

    Kitsune is a muthical crature. It prossesses magic and heailing powers and otherworldly combat abilities.
    The phoenix Dragon Ninjas attacks from a distance. The samurai are their favorite prey. They are particularly vulnerable to precision attacks.
    The komainu are stubborn and resilient. Despire their intimidating appearance and their great resistance, their attacks produce little damage.
    Ninjas are valiant warriors who can crush archers like insects. Nevertheless, they are no match for the komainu, the oni and the samurai.
    If you know the strengths and weknesses of each unit, you will be able to set up the best strategy. When you select a unit, the enemies over which you have an advantage are higlighted with a green arrow.
    The oni Dragon Ninjas are brutal creatures. Their attack is strong and they can withstand even the fiercest battles. Magic is the most effective way of defeating them.
    Gozu - pure, raw power. No other warrior can withstand hand-to hand attacks like this repulsive creature.
    The attack of the kunoichi is lethal. Unfortunately, they cannot last very long on the battlefield.
    Nekomata Dragon Ninjas a cruel monster that absorbs its enemies life to heal its own wounds. It widthstands the attacks of the heavy troops.

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