hacking Braveland Pirate
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    Braveland Pirate android, ios hack codes

    Full of hope, the traveler came to the port city without a penny in his pocket. At the moor, vendors tout their wares to sailors on their schooners, but a quiet line of work is not Jim's type. He asked to join the crew of brave pirates, and the captain, after having a look at Jim, decided to take him on board. Who could have known that the first day of the voyage would result in disaster.

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    Welcome game Braveland Pirate! Captain, a real ghost ship is headed our way! Number represents the number of soldiers in the unit. You can move unit to illuminated cells. The more fighters in a unit, the more dangerous it is. Tap the enemy unit and attack it. Arrows deal damage without a penalty to targets fully in range. You have discovered a treasure chest? You may take the gold coins or distribute it to your team for experience. Special ability recharges after several moves.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Braveland Pirate android bug codes: You can change the game difficulty in settings at any time. You received talent points? Use them for training. The power branch increases attack. The resistance branch increase defense.

    Reanimated skeleton warrior – reduced damage from ranged attacks. Archer – reduced damage from ranged attacks. Walking dead – no special abilities. Mysterious creature from the ethereal world – chance to frighten the target of its attack. Ghost sorcerer – this ghost possesses magical powers (magic shot). Young wolf – can handle a sheep, but not a bull. Bandit – robber from high and low roads. Drops coins after death.

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